SkyFront is a browser based front end system for SkyBank core banking system which is the total banking & finance software solution of OpenArc. It provides online banking facility to customers. It can be plugged in to any other banking system without having internet and banking features.

SkyFront is based on the concept of ‘Sky-Banking’ where OpenArc SkyBank provides a solution of ‘Banking anywhere anytime’ through wireless mobile access through Internet. This product not only front ends the SkyBank total banking solution but also provides such internet banking facilities to any existing bank with third party applications running as their backend systems which may not have Internet based front end at present. This is a pluggable module to any such third party Banking software solution so that their existing clients may enjoy a browser based interface to their banks/finance companies facilitating transactions and information access.

Any bank using different software systems can be linked to SkyFront including OpenArc existing InBank user companies.