eSecretary is a total software solution for company secretaries to handle the secretarial functions of a quoted/non-quoted company in the most efficient manner.

Why eSecretary?
OpenArc eSecretary is a specially designed software solution which is setup for secretarial work covering all your share management requirements throughout the share management life cycle. It keeps track of Share issues, splits, consolidations, dividend issues, bonus issues, rights issues and all the other related functionalities. It is integrated for effective and efficient share management, based on modular architecture. It facilitates vast range of Share and Debenture Management activities of the company as well. Secretarial service companies can handle shares of multiple companies using eSecretary solution. An online dashboard provides a quick overview of the company’s share market status to the system users. The system is customizable, uses the latest technology, thereby makes it easy to adapt to your current business requirements without a hassle.

Given below are the Main Modules of eSecreatary

  • Share Issue Management
  • Share Ledger Management
  • Right Issue Management
  • Bonus Issue Management
  • Dividend Issue Management
  • Debenture Issue Management
  • Debenture Ledger Management
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • System Security

Development Technologies of eSecretary

  • VB.Net
  • C#.Net
  • VB 6.0
  • XML


  • MS SQL Server

Operating Systems

  • Windows 2000,NT,XP, Server 2003

Hardware Platforms (Application)

  • Compaq, Dell, HP, Other MS Windows compatible Hardware

Reports Utilities

  • Crystal Reports


  • Intranet (LAN/WAN)