Products & Services

The fast-paced, technology is changing its forms like never before. Each day comes with a unique requirement for a new or custom specific software development. To meet these constantly changing demands a software development company needs to have an in-depth industry and business process understanding on top of latest developments and trends in the technology world.  We at OpenArc Systems Management (Pvt) Limited with more than two decades of experience in hundreds of projects implemented by us on multiple domains like: Banking and Finance, Securities markets and Manufacturing Engineering, are well equipped to handle all these challenges for you.

Collaborative Software Development model and Agile Practices form the foundation for our software product development factory adding improved efficiency, continuous values and facilitating quick deliveries for maximum client satisfaction. In the process of providing custom specific software development services using the collaborative software development model, we participate from concept validation stage through design and development, to packaging and product launch. This service is further supported by allocation of dedicated resources till the software product stabilizes and if necessary, for future upgrades of the product and continuous support on Maintenance services.

Our state-of-the-art Development Center in, Sri Lanka is fully equipped to deliver software projects providing cost-effective and quality software solutions. CMMI level 3 quality assessment received by us form the basis for providing customer focused software product engineering, development and delivery services.

We have various products on the following verticals:

Banking and Finance

  • InBank’ – Total software solution for Finance Companies and Merchant Banks
  • SkyBank’ – Core Banking software solution running on Internet brouser
  • SharBank’ – Total Islamic Finance solution
  • MicroBank’ – Micro Finance solution

Securities and Share Markets

  • eSecretary’ – Total software solution for company secretaries
  • UniSETS’ – Software platform for all the stake holders in Security markets

Enterprise Resource Management

  • MyERP’ – Cloud based Open Source software platform for Enterprise Management


  • SkyPay’ – Unified Payment Platform
  • SkyMesenger’ – Integrated SMS Gateway
  • SkyFront’ – Integrated Digital Banking Front-end
  • SkyRate’ – Integrated rating solution