About OpenArc

Vijith Sinhabahu


Chartered Engineer by profession. Academic: Bachelor of Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Peradeniya, Masters Degree on Advanced Manufacturing Systems from Brunel University, UK
Consultant- ISO9000 quality management systems.

Career Background

Experience in working as an Engineer, Senior Engineer, Manager, Factory Manager and then as a General Manager at reputed private organizations, both locally & foreign owned. Industry exposure in Cement Manufacturing, Boat & Grab Dredger repairing, Refrigeration & Air conditioning, Tea & Rubber Machinery, Tire retreading, Rubber product manufacturing and Blue Sapphire assessment, cutting & polishing.

Involved and worked full time with OpenArc from the inception in 1991 (except during 1993 to 1994, during which post-graduate studies were done in UK) from the setting up and forming of the company. Held several key positions, as the first Managing Director of OpenArc Systems Management (Pvt) Ltd, Executive Director and Managing Director of OpenArc School of Business & Technology which was formed as a subsidiary in 1995.