People Philosophy


People are the pillars of OpenArc and an important reason for our success. At OpenArc, we have taken a series of measures to make people our greatest asset. OpenArc believes in crafting careers rather than just being an employment provider. We have an employee friendly HR policy, which gives due attention to the growth of the employee in the organization. We encourage employees to take charge of their career, and lay great emphasis on pursuing long-term goals to retain good talent in the organization. We offer our employees many opportunities to enhance their learning while contributing to the organization.

Our Values And Integrity

Our value system, founded on the principles of mutual respect, openness and meritocracy, is reflected in the way we deal with all our stakeholders.

  1. We are committed to uphold the professional ethics, codes of conduct and practice in all our endeavors.
  2. We are strong believers in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) towards the society.
  3. We are an equal opportunity employer giving best environment for the employees to continuously educate and improve their careers and personal spiritual values.
  4. We treat all our stake holders as partners to the company and take care of them and share the benefits in a mutual manner.

Mutual Respect

OpenArc is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer with an inclusive and positive work place. We value each individual for the unique skills, experience and perspective that he/she brings to the organization.


OpenArc has an open-door, open houses policy and stake holders are encouraged to ‘speak up’. Employee satisfaction surveys and Customer satisfaction surveys are conducted to identify any gaps and corrective action to be taken.


Every member is trained with value systems and expected to be accountable for all the work they carry out throughout the company.


OpenArc is an equal opportunity employer which will treat every employee and all other stake holders without any discrimination and difference.


Members are trained to be responsible not only for project delivery and failures but also to the wellbeing of the company in every aspect of life; culture, value system, behavior etc.

Life @ OpenArc

Unwind and Relax

OpenArc not only equipped with the latest world-class tools and technologies, but also has varieties of welfare activities for our employees to unwind and relax. Birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrated with great enthusiasm. Offsite get together are also organized at regular intervals. “Annual Staff trip” is another initiative where we organize events and games for employees who want pursue their individual interests. At OpenArc, work is a celebration…

Invests on people

OpenArc invests substantially in its people to equip them with the latest skills and competencies. Regular performance evaluations are one of the important HR initiatives undertaken by OpenArc towards this objective. The appraisal focuses on identifying the training and development needs of employees and charting out a plan to address the gaps. OpenArc also encourages its employees to obtain industry certifications. Technical training programs, Domain knowledge training programs, Product Trainings and Other training programs on soft skills and client service also form part of the human resource development initiative. At OpenArc, one never stops learning.

Rewards and Recognition

OpenArc has a fast tracker program which focuses on grooming the top performers into effective leaders. OpenArc has instituted numerous awards for its employees on different parameters such as leadership, Innovation, application, excellence in business practice and exceptional demonstration of OpenArc’s core values. Employee performance and actions leads the company to achieve distinction in areas of customer delight, social responsibility, stakeholder value, company goals, process innovation and employee satisfaction. The Awards ensures that employees are motivated to give their best on a day-to-day basis and the humble act of recognizing them instantly notifies others of their performance. In addition to the awards, very importantly we also have provision for rewarding true-hearted employees who offer long years of service with company share benefits.

Career Development Center – Launch your Career


Discover the right career opportunity for you! Applicants for OpenArc will find important information here. At OpenArc, transition from academic to corporate life is a learning experience as we provide right guidance at the right time. After this intensive training, you are allocated to respective Business Unit s, where in you receive on-the-job training. Your performance is monitored and evaluated at regular intervals for you to create lot if room to push boundaries and assist you to grow.

  • Navodaya Scholarship :

This is a five year comprehensive career development program offered absolutely free of charge by the company. Under this scholarship program, after your Advance Level, we offer one year Industrial Diploma in Software Development. After successful completion of the diploma you are getting an employment opportunity with OpenArc while undergoing Bachelor of Information Technology Degree / BIT external program offered by University of Colombo for next three years. You will get an opportunity to attend the BIT classes free of charge conducted by OpenArc School of Business and Technology on part time basis. While being allocated to respective Business Units, you receive on-the-job training and your performance is monitored and evaluated at regular intervals.

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  • ITP Program – Industrial Training Placement

Industrial Training Placement program can be either 3 year of 2 year depending on the career path you prefer. This program is meant for fresh graduates or undergraduates. Under this program while being allocated to respective Business Units, you will receive extensive on-the-job training and your performance is monitored and evaluated at regular intervals.

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Opportunities at OpenArc / Vacancies


We are constantly on the lookout for talented, enthusiastic and passionate individuals who are determined to deliver results and grow with us and share in our success. We are looking for those individuals who are confident about realizing our Vision and execute our every Mission with an unwavering commitment and utmost passion for excellence.

Vibrant Culture

Organization culture is one of the important parameters that affect us. It is something that makes us come back to work each day with a purpose and a smile. Our culture is a reflection of our beliefs and spirit.

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If you like OpenArc, but haven’t quite found the right job, you can still express your interest by submitting a general resume/CV. Just click on General Submission and follow the instructions. We’ll keep your resume in our system and our HR officer will contact you if there’s a fit with one of our opportunities.