At OpenArc we specialize in ‘People’, ‘Systems’ and ‘Technology’.

‘People’ is our greatest pride and strength. Our focus lies in developing the finest professionals for varied industrial sectors with best practical abilities to cater to the needs of those industries. We provide the young with opportunities, to match their drive and abilities. OpenArc School develops highly trained skilled professionals not only to OpenArc group companies but for the whole IT and other industries keeping with our belief that OpenArc provides ‘careers’ rather than mere ‘jobs’. We offer our students and staff members a well dimensioned platform to project their abilities and skills on a wide technology area with good exposure to business. As depicted in one of our mottos saying ‘Work First, Degree Next’ we first develop people for the best hands on work and then guide them to achieve academic qualifications in related disciplines.

In the software arena, not many organizations can offer the members the opportunity to learn on the real time business and work environments with the development of software applications for the global markets while going through an academic course which OpenArc School and OpenArc Systems jointly do so that the OpenArc members get the best career development opportunities and exposure.

OpenArc people-force is inspired, committed, and professionally developed as the core of its businesses. We provide our associates with an environment which inspires ideas and breeds excellence in innovations and creativeness. Being ‘Initiative’ is greatly valued and we encourage people to take up responsibilities as per their abilities, not tying them down to rigid corporate hierarchies.

We encourage our people to think out of the box, to come up with ideas that can ace even the most prevalent traditional practices. Teams of young professionals are continuously guided and supported by our experienced mentors to help them develop their skills in the right direction. At OpenArc “years” do not decide the growth within the organization, but your “initiative”, “creativity”, “innovation’ and proven track record form the deciding factor for career advancement.

We are systems minded people and we are in the business of providing systems solutions to business problems. ‘Technology’ is the core on which systems are built and we master latest, most appropriate technology for our systems solutions development.